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CTC (Cultivating Transformative Communities)

CTC is a training inspired by the life and character of Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless him and grant him peace. When we look at Madina we see a society informed by the transformational love of the Beloved of God, Prophet Muhammad, this is the love that made Amr ibn al ‘As, a former enemy of the fledgling community, believe that he was most beloved to the Messenger of God.

CTC training leaves the participants with practical tools and a game-plan increasing Prophetic Mercy in our schools and mosques.



Classroom Behavioral Management using a Grace and Courtesy approach (Coming Soon)

This workshop shows how children benefit from using a three-prong approach to teaching adab (Grace and courtesy).

Direct lessons in adab (how to interrupt, ask a question, sneeze, wash hands etc)

Stories of the adab of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and grant him peace)

Modeling of adab by the classroom guide/teacher

It also shows practical ways a teacher can implement this approach in the classroom.



HeartWork Is working on ourselves so we bring sound hearts to our interaction with people especially people who are marginalized. We live in a stratified society that tells us who is worthy of love and respect and who is not. In HeartWork we look at the ailments of the heart, systemic injustices, bias, and racism in society. This interactive workshop helps participants gauge their prophetic love and measure this to what we know about the prophetic model of love and respect for all, especially those society tells us are undeserving of love and respect. This training gives participants a road map to developing compassion and bringing a sound heart to understanding race in America and an action plan for taking on the prophetic model of love and respect in our classrooms and organizations.


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